Elevating Your Brand Through The Art Of Speaker Placement


Speaker Placement is a powerful medium used by companies to reach and influence key target markets and business decision makers. InterFace Partners works with clients to develop integrated Speaker Placement strategies to:

  • Reinforce and Enhance Company Global Commitment
  • Reinforce Thought Leadership and Global Brand Market Position
  • Communicate and Control Key Messages
  • Position the Speakers as the Expert/Leader in Multiple Vertical Markets
  • Impact, Educate and Influence Customers, Strategic Partners, Analysts, Industry Peers, Advertisers, Media
  • Penetrate New Markets
  • Network with Key Decision Makers
  • Support and Assist Global Expansion
  • Increase and Drive Customer and Partner Loyalty
  • Reassure Security, Trust and Peace of Mind
  • Empower, Innovate and Differentiate Service & Product Offerings 
  • Reinforce Commitment to Customer Service, Quality and Reliability of Products and Service Experience