What Makes InterFace Partners Different ?

Focus + Experience

This is InterFace Partners “Core” competency.  We have 20+ years experience developing global executive speaker strategies for Fortune 1000 clients, including Citrix, NASCAR, ESPN, Deutsche Telekom AG, Shutterstock, BNY Mellon, Ericsson, The New York Times, Cotton Incorporated, ClubMed and American Express, to mention a few. 

Our clients understand the power and importance of having their top executives speak at global events, and the tremendous networking, branding, PR, thought leadership and financial impact it has on their overall corporate initiatives. 

  • InterFace Partners has became the “go to” organization in delivering high quality global speaker placement services for some of the world’s largest, most successful companies. 
  • Being strategically “proactive” instead of “reactive” for our clients.

Powerful Global Event Database

InterFace utilizes their proprietary database and calendar tool as the foundation of your program. With over 31,000 global events in the database, we can quickly identify potential opportunities for your company and provide a rationale for participating in an event.

Event data is only as good as the researchers behind the information.  We customize the data to support high level speaker engagements around the world.  We capture historical, current, and future event information, which allows us to be proactive and strategic in our recommendations and placements. The event database we built is without question the best in the industry. 

  • Only Database of its kind in the industry
  • Over 31,000 active global events
  • Crossing numerous verticals/industries
  • InterFace Partners has a dedicated Research team

Strong Relationships with Global Event Organizers

A meaningful event organizer-to-agency relationship is not simply about company reputations.  It is about people-knowing exactly whom to contact and how to work together.  It is about a history of successfully working together, a foundation for credibility and trust.  It is as much about whom you know as what you know - on both sides.

A unique strength InterFace brings to their clients, is for years, the same lead team has worked with global organizers securing strategic speaking offers. When organizers hear from InterFace Partners, they know they are talking with real people with years of experience at an agency that understands the event industry like no other-an agency which represents top companies committed to the success of their executive speaker programs.

Powerful Results

At the end of the year, every program will be judged by the results that were delivered. InterFace has a great track record of achieving outstanding results for its clients. In 2016, we secured over 1426 speaking opportunities for our clients. And we're on track to make even more placements in 2017.