Ask yourself these questions

  • Are you interested in getting your company's executives into the global marketplace, gaining visibility at exclusive events, and becoming known as industry experts and thought leaders?
  • Are high profile global event speaking engagements, where your company gains unparalleled value through direct connections with clients and strategic partners, a part of your company's broader marketing initiatives?
  • Do you have a global strategic partner focused exclusively on speaking engagements for your executives?

InterFace Partners will assess your company's goals and strategize with you to understand and create a successful integrated speaker strategy program tailored to your organization's objectives.

Why is an Integrated Speaker Strategy Important?

High level executives encounter many influential touch points internally and externally throughout the year; i.e. customer interactions, prospects, media, analysts, investors, employees, partners, channel, contractors, and community.

These interactions have a major impact on the perception of executives' corporate direction and personal initiatives. These experiences are powerful. These opportunities must be memorable, generating specific targeted cause, action, and most importantly demonstrate effective and measurable results.

Many executives attend events such as conferences, trade shows and forums. However, most companies do not have an integrated strategy to manage when and where executives should speak at such events. Without an integrated strategy, companies are missing monumental business opportunities.

InterFace Partners believes an integrated global speaker experience strategy is critical to an organization. Your executives can build your organization's brand, improve relationships with existing customers, bring in new customers, and increase the value of your company through delivering clear consistent messaging to your influencers in the marketplace.

An Integrated Speaker Strategy is really about three things

  1. WHAT are your executives speaking about?
  2. WHERE are they speaking?
  3. HOW and to WHOM are they delivering their message?